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The MISSION of the B.R.O.T.H.A.S. organization is:

BROTHAS is an organization that seeks to cultivate, coordinate, strengthen, and uplift males of the African diaspora within the profession of Occupational Therapy from academics to practitioner. - to advance a greater understanding of African American/African Diaspora (i.e., Black) cultural issues affecting occupational therapy practice, and - to support career opportunities and advancements in occupational therapy by people of African American/African Diaspora (i.e., Black) heritage.


The PURPOSE of the organization shall be:

I. Serve as a liaison between occupational therapy practitioners with concerns about African American/African Diaspora (i.e., Black)                males cultural issues affecting occupational therapy practice and the American Occupational Therapy Association

II. Promote scholarly activities and research on African American/African Diaspora (i.e., Black) males cultural issues affecting occupational    therapy practice.

III. Identify and work to achieve common goals and needs.


IV. Promote and support learning and scholarship.


V. Support Occupational therapy practitioners emigrating from African countries with transition and integration into the North American occupational therapy practice.


VI. Promote occupational therapy educational and scholarly exchange among respective African Diaspora (i.e., Black) countries and the United States and its territories.

BROTHAS Officers 


Donald Howard 



Anthony Hester



Andre Johnson


dudley yacinthe.jpg

Dudley Yacinthe


Frederick Covington

Frederick Covington

Events & Social Media

Sean G.

Sean Gardner

Practitioner & Student 

Development Coordinator

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